The Langford is a restaurant firmly rooted in the great English food tradition. It is situated in the heart of Somerset, which is famed worldwide as a foodlover's paradise. The moist, rich soil and mild climate of this southern county favour all forms of food production from cheeses and meats to fresh produce, preserves and cider. The countryside is dotted with talented artisan food producers though much of the produce served in the restaurant comes from even nearer at hand i.e. Langford Fivehead's prolific fruit and vegetable gardens and orchards.

The Langford offers 'farm to plate' fine gourmet dining, created by resident chef Olly Jackson, whose menus celebrate the fresh, seasonal ingredients available locally. The restaurant is situated within Langford Fivehead, a 'restaurant with rooms' based in a magnificent pre-Tudor manor house set in 7-acres of glorious grounds. Since early 2013, Olly and his wife Rebecca have been making a name for themselves locally and internationally for their warm welcome and exquisite food.


Provenance of produce has always been key to Olly's choice suppliers. In Somerset we are fortunate to have a wealth of producers and suppliers who value that as much as he does.

Meat comes from Bonners of Illminster, a family run butchers who support local farms and can tell you the origin of all of their meat, often down to the name of the animal itself. Bonners are especially proud and quite rightly in our opinion, of their award-winning sausages - which we use for breakfast.

Fish is landed from day-boats in Lyme Bay in Dorset or Cornwall, depending on the weather and availability. Both suppliers are proud to land the fish and dispatch it to us the same day, and as it has come off day-boats we can be sure of freshness.

Butter, milk and cheese come from Longman's dairy in North Cadbury, Somerset. Olly had planned to make his own butter, but theirs is the best we have ever tasted.

There are a number of small vegetable and soft fruit growers within 10-miles of Langford Fivehead and while our garden is in the early stages Olly uses these suppliers. Most of the produce is picked and delivered the same day, ensuring freshness and quality.

Although the vegetable garden is only in its 1st year we have already had a good supply of salad leaf, spinach, courgettes and cucumbers. Tomatoes are well on the way and the pumpkins and squashes will be ready in the early autumn.

The herb garden is well established with basil, mint, chervil, borage and dill all being regularly used in the kitchen.

Olly Jackson - Chef

A college-trained chef with 16 years' experience in professional kitchens, Olly has worked hard to gain the experiences that have developed his skills and ability. With a naturally good palate and an innate ability to match flavours, he brings out the best that ingredients have to offer.

In the main Olly enjoys cooking with seasonal British produce following the philosophy of 'what grows together, goes together'; meaning he makes the best use of traditional pairings of ingredients as they become available.

Whilst Olly favours classic French-style cooking he often applies a modern or innovative twist to dishes and is keen on demonstrating different methods of modern cooking; his meat dishes are often a particularly good example of this.

(e.g. beef duo - braised shin of beef and fillet cooked sous vide, with celeriac puree, baby garden vegetables and pomme Maxine)

Jill - horticulturist

Jill our wonderful gardener comes from a family of painters & keen gardeners. Jill studied fine art in University and for many years followed a career in antiques; however she always had a garden and was an ardent amateur gardener, particularly keen on vegetable growing and colour in the garden.

When the opportunity to change direction came Jill took a formal horticulture and garden design course and established herself firmly as the 'go-to' lady for great gardens. We are lucky to have had Jill at Langford Fivehead for 5 years. which has meant that she has been intrinsic to the design and development of the gardens so far.

The plans for the future of our gardens include developing the vegetable 'patch' into a productive cross-season vegetable garden, erecting fruit cages for soft fruits and extending the orchard. Jill also plans to enrich the ornamental garden with all year round colour and create a 'slice' of Sissinghurst's white garden in the parterre.


The Langford


Langford Fivehead is set in the hamlet of Lower Swell, near the village of Fivehead, and in the heart of the Somerset Levels. It's 8km west of Langport and 13km east of Taunton in southwest England.


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